Qwest to resell EV-DO from Sprint

Brian White
B. White|05.24.07

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Qwest to resell EV-DO from Sprint
Qwest will be re-selling wireless data access using Sprint's EV-DO network, according to the company. Although subscribers to Qwest's new mobile data plans will be able to take advantage of newer EV-DO Rev. A territories, the plans aren't something that reflect significant discounts over the same service offered directly from Sprint. Although Qwest high-speed Internet customers will receive a $20 monthly discount on this new mobile broadband service (cheapest plan is $70/month), the cards will still set a customer back $50 unless a contract for two or three years is signed (Pantech's PX-500 EV-DO card is free after rebates from Sprint). Value here? There's a little, but it's not night and day or anything.

[Via Phone Scoop]
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