The Xbox 360 PC ditches gaming for Windows and OS X

Sure, we've seen the PlayStation 3 morph into somewhat of a desktop machine, but electric0ant decided that simply installing new software was just too easy. No fully functioning Xbox 360s were harmed in the making of the Xbox 360 PC, as the crafty modder snagged a cheap console that had been stricken by the Red Ring of Death, pawned off the DVD drive, and got to work. The build actually stuff an full-fledged PC within the confines of the Xbox 360's case, and aside from having to swap out a standard optical drive for a laptop rendition and refashioning a spare heatsink, there didn't seem to be many troubles. Of course, a side-mounted fan was necessary to avoid a thermal meltdown after extended use, and he didn't quite get around to rigging up the external graphics card that he had in mind, but the final creation does manage to run both Windows XP and OS X. As these things always go, the pictures tell the story, so click on through for a few more select snaps, and then hit the read link for the full skinny.

[Thanks, Paul]