Ninja Gaiden speed runs set new records

John Bardinelli
J. Bardinelli|05.26.07

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Ninja Gaiden speed runs set new records
A new round of Ninja Gaiden speed runs have set a number of records in the Speed Demos archives. Player Tommy Montgomery, who blazed through the original Ninja Gaiden in 13:49, never really liked the game (and likes it even less after doing the run), but few attempt speed runs for these frustrating games, which was as good of a reason as any to give it a shot. No tricks or shady shortcuts, just straight-up "OMG they memorized the game" action. If you've got the time to spare (admit it, you do), check out the speed runs and wish you could get half as far in any of these games...

Ninja Gaiden (13:49)

Ninja Gaiden II (12:09)

Ninja Gaiden III (15:09)

Ninja Gaiden Black (1:55:05)
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