Toshiba demos OCB LCD technology, but doesn't deliver

Now that SED technology is on the verge of kicking the vapor filled bucket, how about another advanced display technology to tie your insanely high hopes to? Optically compensated bend -- oh wait, this isn't new -- technology is supposed to provide clear viewing in sunlight, "wide viewing angles, and high speed response" (and that's a quote from a post exactly a year old). Toshiba has developed and shown off a new OCB LCD, which at only 4.3-inches diagonal is actually half the size of the prototype they were talking about in May '06. Frankly, we'll settle for a little less optimism in return for actually being able to see these improvements make their way into real products. Unfortunately, Toshiba seems to be content with continually teasing us: maybe they won't be so content when we all start playing Duke Nukem' Forever on holographic displays.

[Via I4U News]