Fanswag: Halo 3 beta T-shirt Giveaway Day 5

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Fanswag: Halo 3 beta T-shirt Giveaway Day 5

Update: This giveaway is now closed. To see the winner, click here. To enter the latest giveaway, click here.

It's nearly that time folks, the Xbox 360 Fanboy Halo 3 beta T-shirt Giveaway extravaganza is nearly over. But fear not, for there are still shirts to be won. And now, on to today's winner. The winner of an Extra Large green Halo 3 beta T-shirt is ... gibber9583, who informs us that Master Chief is very handsome. That's true, so long as you can get past the whole "pale as a cave fish" thing. Congratulations, gibber9583, we'll be contacting you soon.

For today's giveaway we have a Large brown beta T-shirt. If you want to win this sucker, you're going to have to comment on this post. Just as a change of pace, why not post something completely irrelevant like, say, some random celebrity gossip? Everybody likes celebrity gossip, right? At any rate, simply post a comment below for your chance to win (limit one entry per person. Limited to U.S. residents 18 and over). We've only got one left after this one folks. Hop to it!

Click here for the Official Halo 3 beta T-shirt Giveaway rules
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