Game therapy at Walter Reed Medical Center

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.29.07

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Game therapy at Walter Reed Medical Center
Mike Musgrove of the Washington Post has written a touching piece on how soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have been using video games as both mental and physical therapy.

The story opens on a monthly gathering scheduled by soldiers aid group Cause and highlights how video games have helped soldiers socialize -- both as inpatients and on the battlefield. Said Chuck Ziegenfuss, an Army Major who spent six months at the hospital after being wounded in 2005, gaming in Iraq "gives [soldiers] back a sense that they're normal."

Army Spec. Juan Alcibar has suggested to physical therapists that the use of games like Guitar Hero to help soldiers rebuild hand strength and dexterity. The article, published in time for Memorial Day, exemplifies how video games as an interactive medium can and have contributed to society.

Those who wish to help Cause and Soldiers' Angel, another organization cited by the piece for its game-related donations, can do so at the embedded links. It couldn't hurt to donate any games you have lying around.

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