H3 beta custom games unlocked, pistol spotted

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Remember all the hullabaloo over the custom game menus uncovered in the Halo 3 beta? Unfortunately, it was somewhat muted thanks to the fact that custom games were still unplayable. At least, that's what we thought. It turns out that a few people have managed to actually start custom games of Halo 3 using the beta. Both of the videos in this post (one posted after the break) show a custom game of VIP. In the videos we see a few things that are not currently available in the beta, including multi-team gameplay and the M6G pistol. There is also one instance of automated team switching in the video, which would allow for more complex gametypes, such as the popular Zombies gametype. Unfortunately, it seems that the custom games created so far have been created by accident, so none of the custom options -- such as adjustable gravity -- have been tweaked.

Here's hoping Bungie opens up custom games in a future beta update.

Update: Be warned that the first video is NSFW thanks to some salty language. Thanks to Mrfreezie from pointing this out.

[Thanks, Grant G]

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