Rumor alert: Pretty much everything you could think of

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Rumor alert: Pretty much everything you could think of
Hey, rumors are fun! We see two possibilities regarding this list of Wii games that "will be coming out" according to First: they scooped the entire world and got an exclusive look at a list of unannounced Wii games that nobody has heard anything at all about. Second, they didn't.

We're looking at the list, and it seems to be about half educated guessing and half dreaming. Call us cynics, but we're going to wait for verification before we go put our money down on F-Zero or Metroid Xterme.

Of course Sega Nerds latched on to the listing for Shadow the Hedgehog 2, but, in our minds, that's not the biggest news item on the list. We'd be more interested in hearing about the two Zelda games. Check after the post break for the full list.
Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (Nintendo)
Kirby Adventure (Nintendo)
Starfox Wii (Nintendo)
Pokemon Wii (Nintendo)
Mario Party 8 (Nintendo)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo)
Sonic The Hedgehog Seuqel (Sega)
Super Mario Sunshine 2 (Nintendo)
Super Mario Stirkers (Nintendo)
Spyro (Universal)
Soul Calibur 4 (Namco)
F-Zero (Nintendo)
Donkey Kong Wii (Nintendo)
Metroid Xterme (Nintendo)
The Legend Of Zelda Moon of Sorrow (Nintendo)
Yoshi`s Story 2 (Nintendo)
The Legend of Sheik The Meeting with Link (Nintendo)
Shadow The Hedgehog 2 (Sega)
Paper Mario 3 (Nintendo)

[Via Sega Nerds]
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