Ubisoft: Conviction is a risk, but we believe in it

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|05.29.07

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Ubisoft: Conviction is a risk, but we believe in it
Talking with GameIndustry.biz, Splinter Cell Conviction producer Mathieu Ferland talks about the game revealing that he and the Ubisoft team truly believe in the new direction they are taking their stealth based franchise. In Conviction Ubisoft is switching it up by allowing players to play a different Sam Fisher who's running from the law, blending in with crowds in broad daylight, and using distraction techniques to complete missions. This ultimately changes up gameplay and strays a little bit from the proven successful Splinter Cell formula. Ferland says that they've "been working very closely with the fans from the beginning" and thinks that Conviction will be a welcomed changed to the franchise. But Ferland also let it be known that that Ubisoft is not afraid to go back to its old stealth formula if Conviction were to flop. But for now, they're confident.

As fans of the Splinter Cell franchise, do you think Conviction is a creative step in the right direction to expand the storyline and freshen up gameplay? Or are you dead set on being a shadows assassin and reject Sam Fisher's new hobo look?
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