New Unreal Tournament 3 details

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.30.07

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New Unreal Tournament 3 details
Epic Games' upcoming Unreal Tournament 3 is getting some extreme hype and we think it might just be qualified. Recently talked up in the last issue of Xbox magazine, lead designer Steven Polge divulged a few details to keep us licking our lips in hushed anticipation. Some additions to the game are as follows:

  • Four-player co-op and two-player split-screen in the single-player campaign
  • 18 vehicles and five types of turrets
  • Hoverboards

You read correct. Hoverboards. Like Back to the Future. In any case, some hype was collected for distribution to our minds when Polge said that a large portion of the staff preferred the 360 controls to the mouse and keyboard setup. We call shenanigans, since the speak was in an Xbox magazine and most people who really know FPS's wouldn't trade the mouse and keyboard in for anything (plus the mouse and keyboard is said to be supported for the PS3 version of the game).

Pulge also mentioned improvements made in Unreal Engine 3, talking some smack about that strange Cogs of Battle game or whatever: "[Unreal Tournament 3 is] Gears on crack. Cover is for wimps!" It sure is, Steven Polge. It sure is. Let's hope UT3 turns out to be beautiful as well as having a great personality, so to speak. But does that ever really happen?

[via Joystiq]
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