PQI debuts 256GB 2.5-inch SSD drive

We've seen 256GB and even 512GB SSD drives before, but they've so far been confined to the larger 3.5-inch form factor -- not exactly the ideal solution to fulfill our dream of an all-SSD laptop with more storage than we're ever likely to use. Well, it looks like Taiwanese manufacturer PQI is starting to bring that excessively-demanding dream a little closer to reality, recently unveiling a 2.5-inch SSD drive with a full 256GB of storage space. Unfortunately, there's no word on what it'll cost, although we're sure it'll be enough to dampen our enthusiasm considerably. That's apparently not all PQI has up its sleeve though, with the company also set to release a 32GB SSD ExpressCard, a 32GB 1.8-inch SSD drive, and a high-speed 16GB CompactFlash card for good measure.