$10 Best Buy gift card free with Forza 2 purchase

If you don't want to be limited to Circuit City's free $20 video game deal, then you may want to check out Best Buy's Forza 2 offer. From now until June 26th, Best Buy is offering a free $10 gift card to anyone who purchases Forza 2 in-store or online at To cash in on the deal, simply add Forza 2 and the $10 gift card to your shopping cart or print off this coupon (PDF link) and take it into your local Best Buy.

A free gift card or a free game with a Forza 2 purchase makes our heart sing. The only other thing that we can think of that would make our Forza 2 experience better would be a price drop on that wireless racing wheel. Wait a second, that already happened didn't it? All the better!