Need For Speed ProStreet screenshots finally round the bend

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|06.01.07

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Need For Speed ProStreet screenshots finally round the bend

And you thought you'd be off the hook with street racing games for a while, huh? There is a difference between this ProStreet iteration of Need for Speed and other street racing games, though. Imagine this: a driving simulation, but for street racing. Yes, it's like Gran Turismo meets The Fast and The Furious. Is this a good idea? We aren't sure because we've never actually experienced a game like that before. The culture of street racing and focusing on your vehicles performance permeate from this game like ... well, like gas fumes.

The game itself, taking place in a multitude of locations with a multitude of cars, actually looks good. Yep, EA is making a game that seems like effort was put into this year's edition of any given franchise. So, let's get this straight: a realistic street-racing simulation with car damage and a complete move away from prior NFS titles? Yeah, it's surprising, but don't let our loss of words keep you from checking out the first screenshots. What do you think? Could this actually work?

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