Raon Digital's Everun in the wild, starts at $700

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Thomas Ricker
June 1st, 2007
Raon Digital's Everun in the wild, starts at $700

The first Vega UMPC from Raon Digital definitely found its way into the hearts of those brave, generation one UMPC users. Not because it was technologically superior -- a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800... puhlease. Rather, it was one of the first to break through $1,000. While others have moved on to Vista in their 2nd gen UMPCs, Raon's new EVERUN continues down the XP route while packing significantly more bang for the buck. It's scheduled to hit S.Korea in late June with prices starting at ???650,000 or right around $700 for the entry level "EVERUN lite" model. Unfortunately, once the specialized importers add their markup, we'll be looking at something closer to $900, unless we get lucky and Raon sells direct. They've also released a video which you can check after the break.
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