Motorola RIZR Z8 reviewed

Brian White
B. White|06.06.07

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Motorola RIZR Z8 reviewed
Motorola's multimedia powerhouse "kick slider" Symbian handset has gotten reviewed over at We appreciate the extreme detail Eldar and his crew go into when reviewing handsets, and the Z8 review is no different. Although this recently announced handset is not yet available from what we can see, it looks to easily be one of Motorola's flagships soon. Mobile-review's breakdown on the Z8 is that it's a handset with no competition (based on its form factor combined with feature set) along with it having one of the best displays available on any handset. Add to that the Z8's improvements in the UIQ interface, a better iTap text input system, that QVGA screen, 2 megapixel cam and A2DP Bluetooth and it all adds up to a very well-rounded handset. One caveat: you'll have to get used to the form factor if you're not a slider fan.
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