Wiiitis on the rise with Wii players, reports doctor

We've officially got a new gadget-related medical term on our hands people, coined by Dr. Julio Bonis, who woke up one morning and realized his Wii was causing him sports-injury like symptoms. Wiiitis is the name (yes, it's different from Nintendinitis), learn it well. Although it's only good for categorizing one specific type of Wii-related bodily injury, it has been canonized in a letter published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Unfortunately, the treatment may be worse than the disease for some: Bonis prescribed "ibuprofen for one week, as well as complete abstinence from playing Wii video games". Just think of it as a chance to play with your BlackBerry, get in some time with your iPod, make some calls on your high SAR cellphone, or generally geek out with other portable electronics. Hey, doctor's orders.

[Thanks, Neil and Josh]

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