OS X makes itself at home on Sony Vaio UX

If you think running OS X on your Xbox 360 (well, the PC-stuffed version) is 1337, how about cramming Apple's latest operating system on a handheld Vaio? A long-winded sev7en over at MicroPCTalk has apparently taken it upon himself to do just that, and while we'd offer up kudos if he simply shared photographs and nonchalantly bragged about his success, offering up a full blown installation guide is darn near saintly. The aptly-named Mac OSUX project allows users to more easily carry OS X around in their cargo pockets, and all that's reportedly required (or recommended) is a Vaio UX, copy of OS X, a docking station, external USB 2.0 optical DVD drive, keyboard and mouse, and marginal reading comprehension skills. If you fit the aforementioned mold, feel free to hit the read link and get to it.