Fifth generation Archos rumors intensify

Following up on yesterday's brief glimpse into the potential fifth generation of Archos' PMP lineup, it looks like the rumor mill is reaching full tilt, as a supposed product page detailing the specifications was quickly pulled after "accidentally" hitting the net a bit before its prime. Nevertheless, GenerationMP3 was able to snag a screenshot of more details surrounding the PMPs, so here's what we know now. The 405 will supposedly accept both miniSD and micro SD cards, support MPEG2/3/4, WMV, H.264, and AAC formats, play nice with JPEG, BPM, and PNG photos, and weigh 146 grams. The 605 may end up supporting SDHC, and users could also find themselves choosing between a 30GB, 80GB, or 160GB edition. Of course, we're still taking all of this lightly until official information begins to flow, but be sure and visit the read link for a glimpse at the newly leaked information regardless.