Scot Finnie on Mac vs. PC pricing

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Here at TUAW, we welcome all those yearning to breathe free of Windows, especially high-profile technology columnists like ComputerWorld's Scot Finnie. Longtime PC writer Finnie made a public switch to the Mac in February after a 3-month trial, and he's not looking back. This week, in an article posted on his site and adapted in ComputerWorld, he takes on the accepted wisdom that Macs are more expensive than PCs. Guess what he discovered?

Feature for feature, if you match up Apple's constrained model selections with mainstream/premium vendors like Dell or Sony, the MacBook Pro and iMac come out ahead on pricing. In fact, getting a Dell laptop to match the 17" MBP config resulted in a laptop $650 more expensive and almost two pounds heavier. Finnie's original analysis came out before this week's revisions to the MBPs, so it's worth checking for yourself to see that it's hard to get laptops with the latest Intel chips anywhere near Apple's price/spec lineup.

In light of Apple's record results over the past couple of quarters, it's worth reading Finnie's March 28 Computerworld essay, "Why Microsoft Should Fear Apple." Marketing mojo and technical sophistication aside, Finnie zeroes in on the real competitive advantage Apple is gaining: public buzz. (We're doing what we can to help. :-)

[via Ars Technica]
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