Apple offers 0% financing on 'the Mac of your dreams'

David Chartier
D. Chartier|06.12.07

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Apple offers 0% financing on 'the Mac of your dreams'

If you've been waiting to order 'the Mac of your dreams,' perhaps a new 0% financing offer from Apple will be just what you need. Through June 30th, Apple Store customers who qualify for financing can purchase a Mac interest-free for 24 months. Oh, and Adobe Creative Suite 3 apparently goes well with Macs, so Apple's even allowing customers to lump a CS3 purchase (in addition to a Mac to begin with) into the no-interest financing deal.

[Update: Woops, sorry guys. Turns out this is an offer targeted at business customers. This link should take you to more information at Apple's site, but commenters are right: there's a slight detail that Apple left out of the email to the tune of a minimum purchase amount of $5,000. I honestly don't know why I'm receiving emails from Apple that are aimed at business customers, but look on the bright side: most people's dream Mac probably costs nearly $5,000 anyway, right? Toss on Creative Suite 3 and you're basically there.

But seriously: sorry about the mixup everyone.]
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