Amazon offers up to 43% off select Blu-ray titles

Peter vrabel
P. vrabel|06.12.07

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Amazon offers up to 43% off select Blu-ray titles
More good news for high-def fans. The discounts on Blu-ray titles just keep on coming. Amazon announced plans to offer up to 43% on select Blu-ray and HD-DVD titles, starting today. After discount, titles like The Terminator, Species and King Arthur: (Director's Cut) can be had for as little as $16.99. New entries to Blu-ray format are apparently also being sliced with deep discounts. Payback: Straight Up - The Director's Cut and Deja Vu were released on Blu-ray less than two months ago and are at $17.99 and $21.49 respectively, after discount. With savings like these, it'll be easier on the wallet to start rebuilding that high-def Blu-ray library.
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