New N-Gage interface in the wild

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Sean Cooper
June 15, 2007 10:26 AM
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New N-Gage interface in the wild
It is nice to see that the N-Gage platform may -- as heavily rumored here, there, and everywhere -- receive a fresh breath of much-needed life in the coming months. The new interface captured at Nokia's Experience Day is running merrily on the Nokia N95 (read: no sidetalkin') and is definitely wearing Nokia circa 2007 styling. While we do have the pic, we definitely lack any concrete details -- but we can at least take some comfort in seeing a "Play With Friends" menu option and what appears to be a user pic on the screen taken by a forward facing camera. While the idea of a real gaming phone is a hot one, the N-Gage fell a little short of hitting the perfect balance (OK, well short) and we all have high hopes that the third time's a charm.
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