Rumorang: Halo DS exhumed by IGN

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Rumorang: Halo DS exhumed by IGN

We still can't decide if this is an exhumation by IGN, or if it's more like they buried the Halo DS in the Pet Cemetery and now it's come back all evil to kill all those who didn't believe it existed. IGN's Matt Casamassina opens up Pandora's box again and brings up the game he swore existed earlier this year to say that he'll be vindicated in a couple weeks.

"It's a real game, I played it a little while ago," said Casamassina on the Wii-k in review podcast. "A lot of people just don't believe that but we're going to lay down some ownage next week or soon afterward by showing you guys that it is a real game. So, you guys are about to be owned, all you naysayers." Tastefully one of Matt's co-hosts immediately follows it up by telling the naysayers, "Suck it long, suck it hard."

If this does end up being true, the whole Wii60 idea may not be such a joke anymore. It would show a clear shaking of hands at one point between Microsoft and Nintendo. What's next? The original Halo on Wii? Conservatively, we could say that Microsoft just doesn't have a portable console so it wants to penetrate the field with software (and they obviously can't have it go on the PSP). Whatever it means for the future, both players would fiercely protect their franchises, but this does show signs of cooperation.

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