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Apple iMac redesign due this summer?

Apple iMac redesign due this summer?
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|June 18, 2007 1:59 PM
It's pretty clear that "sooner or later" best describes the most solid info anyone has on Apple's next iMac refresh, but AppleInsider is now reporting that we'll be seeing the desktops in shiny new skins come late July-ish to mid-August-ish, which we suppose refines the launch window slightly. That lands the computer right in time for the back-to-school season, which sounds perfectly reasonable. AI is also sticking with its predictions of 20- and 24-inch models only, with the 17-inch getting left out of the makeover to wither on the vine. Nothing outlandish, but we're sure Apple could milk the current form factor for one more (if ill-fated) go 'round if they want to, so we won't believe a word of it until we see these pop up on the Apple Store.
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