Rumor: Tomb Raider: Anniversary making its way to PS3?

Peter vrabel
P. vrabel|06.18.07

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Rumor: Tomb Raider: Anniversary making its way to PS3?
The Xbox 360 is receiving their Tomb Raider: Anniversary fix in the form of episodic content over Xbox Live, however it's initially limited only to those that own the last next-gen outing, Tomb Raider: Legend. While it would seem trite of Eidos to snub Sony by not releasing any similar content for the PlayStation Network, they do have plans to release a retail version of all episodic content on one disc. PSX Extreme says there is reason to believe this retail version will hit PS3 through the magical re-engineering of porting the Xbox 360 code.

We aren't holding our breath on this one. Knowing how most devs feel about the port process leave us more than a bit skeptical, especially considering the fact that Tomb Raider: Anniversary is more or less just a new map on top of the already-built game engine of Tomb Raider: Legend. Porting it to PS3 would more than likely take a larger team of devs to complete than Eidos is willing to fund. But hey, we're wishful thinkers. We sincerely hope that if this slim rumor holds any weight, the port team will be diligent and give PS3 owners the chance to experience the new Tomb Raider: Anniversary content in all its PS3 splendor.
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