Samsung poised to top Motorola for global number two?

Brian White
B. White|06.19.07

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Samsung poised to top Motorola for global number two?
There was a brief period in 2005 where Samsung leaped ahead of Motorola for the number two spot in global mobile handset sales, and the South Korean company may be poised to do it again in the second quarter of this year, which ends at the conclusion of June. Considering Motorola had 22 percent global market share in 2006 and Samsung had 11.4 percent, the shift in 2007 would be quite significant. With all of Motorola's problems shipping units and keeping up with the advanced handsets from Finland's Nokia and South Korea's LG and Samsung (among others), 2007 may not be very kind to Motorola. Would the RAZR 2 and other devices in the Moto pipeline be enough to stave off a permanent dethroning?
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