Penny Arcade Adventures new screens and old trailer

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Penny Arcade Adventures new screens and old trailer

Those of you with aspirations to be a rake-wielding hobo vigilante may still have years of hard living and railroad hitching ahead of you before you become overtaken with the impulse to don a stovepipe hat and wield a (no doubt sharpened) lawn and garden instrument. If video games are good for anything, it's for helping people achieve those sorts of dreams (except for you Manhunt 2 fans), so we were quite pleased to see these latest screenshots of the "Create a Player" feature from Penny Arcade Adventures: OtRSPoD.

Not interested? Perhaps spaceboots are more your thing? No ... how about maternal insults? Thought there's obviously no pleasing you, we're quite pleased to see they've cranked the cel-shading engine up to 11, as evidenced in last month's trailer from PC Gamer (helpfully included after the break).


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