Sony tells PSP devs to get creative, attract customers

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.25.07

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Ross Miller
June 25th, 2007
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Sony tells PSP devs to get creative, attract customers
PSP developers need to get more creative, said SCEE game director Tony Buckley. Speaking to CVG, Buckley said that it's up to the developers "to create something that attracts people to PSP."

"I think that rather than focusing on the gameplay side of it, we should be focusing on how to fully utilize what I think is quite a sophisticated piece of kit," he said. According to CVG, Buckley later cited
MP3 playback, wireless and online functionality as ways developers could capitalize on the PSP's potential

Maybe it's a problem of perception. Games like Crush and Loco Roco show great creativity from a design perspective. The once-exclusive Lumines (now also a PS2 and Xbox Live Arcade title) was designed byTetsuya Mizuguchi with the portable specifically in mind. But we think Buckley is implying that the PSP lacks that killer app that could only be made on the PSP.

So maybe it's the developer's perception -- take Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki, for example. He said that the design philosophy behind the PSP is the same as that of a home console, so how could he make a game unique to the portable? Then again, maybe the perception problems lie within Sony itself, who needs to either create a first-party game to show exactly what the executives have in mind when they say "killer piece of software," or to promote the creative games they have now.
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