The iPhones have landed, iPlan in tow

Day one of iPhone release week begins today dear friends, so you can expect a flurry of activity throughout the week as we ready for Friday the 29th. The first iPhone shipments began arriving this past weekend at various airports across the nation -- apparently greeted by armed personnel -- and will soon be in the loving arms of FedEx. The shipping plans for Friday call for FedEx drivers to deliver the goods in teams (one must carry the boxes, the other wields a big stick) for the 6pm store opening. The Boy Genius may have found some details on the iPhone data plan, purportedly dubbed the "iPlan." The word is that this unlimited data plan -- unlimited at EDGE speeds is, of course, by definition a bit limiting -- will squeeze your wallet for between $34 and $44 dollars and may include 2,000 or unlimited text messages. Keep an eagle eye on AT&T's site for that; we can't all get into line on Friday without knowing what we're signing up for, right? We hope?

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