TwoStick text entry system speeds up console keyboarding

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|06.25.07

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TwoStick text entry system speeds up console keyboarding

While it seems like voice chat has taken over as the dominant trash-talk medium for online console gaming, there's still a lot of tedious onscreen keyboarding to be done -- entering Wii friend codes leaps to mind, for one. With any luck, those chores will be made easier in the future with the TwoStick system recently developed in Vienna. The system assigns characters to a Sodoku-like 9x3 grid, letting the user select a quadrant with the left stick and select a letter from within the quadrant with the right. According to the developers, TwoStick users are around 2 words per minute faster than regular on-screen keyboarders after just a little practice. No word on if we might see the system hit the current-gen systems, but we're definitely holding out hope for the 720 and PS4. Peep a video of TwoStick in action after the break.

[Via Joystiq]

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