Amp'd regains connectivity, drops lawsuit against Verizon

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.26.07

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Amp'd regains connectivity, drops lawsuit against Verizon
Apparently, it would just be far too easy for Amp'd to bow out of the fledgling MVNO realm after filing for bankruptcy, as the company has recently reached an agreement with Verizon Wireless that enables it to use The Network in exchange for Amp'd dropping its lawsuit. The suit was reportedly filed after Verizon moved to kick the Los Angeles-based Amp'd off its network, but we can't exactly blame Verizon for being quite perturbed after not receiving $33 million in payments. Of course, we're sure this spat is far from finished, but the case will press on next week while Amp'd customers can once again intrepidly chat away on Verizon's equipment -- for the time being, at least.

[Via mocoNews]
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