The Bourne Conspiracy snipes a PS3 release [Update]

Updated ·1 min read

Yes folks, another tie-in. The Bourne Ultimatum is coming to theaters this summer while a different, next-gen offering The Bourne Conspiracy, hits PS3 and Xbox 360 next year in 2008. The game is tailoring its plot around Jason Bourne's identity, borrowing heavily from source materials of ... The Bourne Identity. We don't fully understand why Ludlum Entertainment doesn't just call the game The Bourne Identity, other than perhaps to induce confusion amongst the franchise titles. Considering the first film already has a well-established fan base, it would seem starting the game franchise at the base level and allowing sequels to follow the film release time line would make more sense. But hey, we don't make games, we just play 'em. What do we know? Fans of The Bourne Identity novel and film reiteration will also notice new story elements added to the game. For example, the game will include the pivotal moment when Jason Bourne first learns his identity and the discovery of the overabundant cans of whoopin' he has at his disposal. No release date yet, but expect to hear more on this after The Bourne Ultimatum's release this summer and subsequent (and highly likely) DVD release.

[Update: The Bourne Ultimatum is coming to theaters this summer. The Bourne Conspiracy is the game title only, of which there has yet to be a film reiteration. Corrections made to the post clarifying this.
Thanks, The Sh0wstopper & Jon K]