Luminous PSP 3.50 downgrader released

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.27.07

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Luminous PSP 3.50 downgrader released
After showing the world that Lumines can be used to unlock homebrew on the Sony PSP's latest firmware upgrade, and thus increasing sales of the classic puzzler 59-fold, the folks at Noobz! have released a v3.50 downgrader that uses the newfound exploit.

All you need is a US or EU version of Lumines (support for the Japanese version coming soon), "sufficient intelligence and english language skills," and a pocket full of dreams.* Also, be advised that by downgrading the PSP, you run the risk of bricking it, rendering the portable nothing more than a paperweight. Instructions and files for download available at the Noobz! website.

* Pocket full of dreams not required but is certainly helpful as part of a well-balanced lifestyle

[Via PSP Fanboy]
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