Pentax's K100D is just Super

Pentax has an update for their entry-level K100D DSLR which is so great, they've dubbed it the K100D Thuper Duper (clap clap). Ok ok, it's just the K100D Super but it's hard to contain our girlish enthusiasm in the face of marketing genius. Their latest features Pentax's shake reduction system like the K100D only now with a new dust removal system and full compatibility with Pentax's higher-end SDM lenses. Other than that and SDHC compatibility (still no CF support), we're still looking at the same 6.1 megapixel cam (APS-C size CCD) with 2.5-inch LCD, and ISO 3200 max sensitivity -- not a bad thing for first timer DSLRers based on previous reviews. The body alone will set you back $520 come August 2007.