SplitFish FragFX PS3 controller gets reviewed

Buying into less-than-standard gaming controllers is never an easy ordeal, but the kind folks over at IGN have managed to spend some quality time with the SplitFish FragFX PS3 in order to break down the gizmo before you break out your wallet. Besides being quite pleased with the overall feel and design, reviewers gave props to the intuitive reassignment system, impressive accuracy and precision, and the host of useful extras that gave them an edge when engrossed in a deathmatch. Notably, the only "real complaints" heard throughout revolved around the smallish mousing surface and somewhat "clicky" mouse buttons, but it honestly felt like they were grasping for negatives at that point. Overall, IGN was mighty pleased with the offering, and while it's hard to say if your experiences will mimic these, there was "no question" that it improved the gameplay of those reviewing.