The AlphaGrip AG-5 brings mad keys to a game controller

Sure we'd love a way to free our hands from the endless keyboard to mouse cycle, but this AlphaGrip AG-5 "game controller on steroids" doesn't seem to be exactly the solution we were looking for. They pack a trackball, two USB ports, and about a million billion buttons into this thing, positioning it to be the best way to utilize all ten fingers since we discovered a way to tap our desk rhythmically with our fingertips and annoy our co-workers. The odd thing is that AlphaGrip touts this as being for "high speed gaming," which we were unaware involved incomprehendable complexety and 90's-style product design. But the device will surely serve as a better high speed projectile when thrown in frustration, so maybe that is what they're referring to. Click on for a couple pics of all the functions.

[Via Joystiq]