Who does David Pogue know?

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Michael Rose
June 27th, 2007
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Who does David Pogue know?
In his jocular and well-produced introductory video for his iPhone review, New York Times writer David Pogue demos all the key features of the device, including the contact list. Wait just a second -- who's that there at the top of the 'S' section? Could it be... yes, it's the power-blogger who singlehandledly moved the phrase "Zaprudering the iPhone" onto the Google Zeitgeist! It's true, TUAW's very own Erica Sadun rates a spot in El Pogueso's iPhone address book.

Sure, you could say that David has Erica's contact info because they share a publisher and actually collaborated on a book a few years ago, but we're convinced it's because she's just so darned cool.

Thanks, BdeRWest.
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