Touch Detective sequel continues to taunt us with fungus

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|06.28.07

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Touch Detective sequel continues to taunt us with fungus

Before Touch Detective hit shelves, we were obsessed with it -- the dark, unique look, the intriguing characters ... we couldn't get enough! The game itself, however, didn't really deliver; there was too much going on to enjoy Mackenzie's wackiness on the top screen, and the puzzles were less-than-optimal.

And yet ... faced with a sequel ... we're back on the love train. We can't help it. It must be the rapidly multiplying shape of Mackenzie's sidekick, Funghi, shown in the opening movie. He's hypnotic and we're powerless before him. We love the music, we love the wacky parade of characters, and when the localized sequel lands near us, we'll probably pick it up again and hope for the best.

Sometimes, even knowing better just doesn't matter in the face of pretty, pretty art.

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