Netflix prepping cheap set-top boxes for your living room?

We've heard talk of a Netflix set-top box before, and while those "end of the year" rumors (as in 2006) didn't exactly pan out, it looks like the company is still keen on the idea, at least according to an individual who claims to have participated in a recent focus group on the subject. Supposedly, Netflix demoed two different boxes that stream content from the company's "Watch Now" service via an Ethernet or wireless connection, each of which were apparently still in rough prototype form. The only difference between the boxes, it seems, is added Component and HDMI connections on the $100 "Enhanced" model, as opposed to just Composite and S-Video on the standard $50 model, although there isn't any actual HD content (at the moment) to stream to either of 'em. While we'll obviously have to wait and see if any of this actually pans out, it certainly seems to be in line with Netflix's recently announced "Internet TV" division, which has already made its living room intentions pretty clear.