Reminder: Wii Opera browser grace period ends tomorrow

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Reminder: Wii Opera browser grace period ends tomorrow
The best things in life are free. The Wii's internet channel isn't one of them, but it's free, and time is running out on that part. Wii owners have been able to download the final version of the browser for their Wii free since April 11; however, beginning July 1, the application will cost 500 Wii points ($5) to download.

Wii owners who download the Opera powered browser before the July 1 deadline will "retain the application at no cost for the life of the system." So even if you aren't going to use it -- get it. When a global corporation gives you an item for free, even if you're just going to pocket it, unless it's some vast conspiracy to take over our minds, we aren't going to say no. Who knows, we fear we may be stuck in bed some day soon and not be able to make it to our computers with a desperate need to watch a YouTube video or something else important. When that time comes -- if it comes -- we'll be happy to have our free Wii browser.

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