Capcom unveiling new 2D fighter soon

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|07.02.07

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Capcom unveiling new 2D fighter soon
Two dimensional fighting games are pretty rare these days, but rewind time a decade or so and you'll find Capcom's name everywhere. This is mainly because of their Street Fighter franchise. Now, a new teaser site has emerged and it beckons us to wonder: what new 2D fighter is Capcom going to announce soon?

While rumors abound that it could be the next Street Fighter, we wouldn't want to jump on that wagon too quickly. There's nothing on the teaser site that remotely reminds us of the classic fighter. If we read Japanese, perhaps we could provide some more proof. But we can't. Our guess? A new IP. Yep, we're taking the road less traveled and hypothesizing Capcom is making a completely new cast of characters for a completely new 2D fighting game. Doubtful, but it'd be exciting!

[via CVG]
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