iPhone sells out faster than an 80's rock star

Unless you live in or near Tigard, Oregon or Pittsburgh PA, chances are you'll be out of luck this morning if you're jonesin' for that quick retail fix of consumer crack called the iPhone -- Apple's retail locator lists the iPhone as unavailable for the rest of the nation. Sales have been so brisk in the first week that AT&T claims to have "sold more iPhones than in the first month of any other wireless phone AT&T ever offered. That's how good it's been." However, neither Apple nor AT&T have released any figures. Anecdotal evidence from readers who ordered on-line or at AT&T stores suggests that a replenishment might come as soon as Friday -- the date many hopefuls were told they'd receive shipment. Based on previous Analyst calculations, we're guessing that Apple has crossed the 1M unit mark. A milestone which surely garners some kind of Apple announcement. Oh, hey Apple, how 'bout clearing up all those rumors in Europe while you're at it? K, thanks.

Update: waitingforiphone claims to have a leaked memo from ATT Mobility claiming more than 1 million iPhone activations since launch.