Marantz's RC9001 touchscreen remote with WiFi extender

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Thomas Ricker
July 5th, 2007
Marantz's RC9001 touchscreen remote with WiFi extender

We saw a variation of this Philips TSU9600 at CES. Still, it's nice to see Marantz get official with their own VGA touchscreen remote: the TC9001. Like Philips' model, we expect this Marantz model to integrate with Escient Fireball media servers and Lutron RadioRa lighting controls for full multi-room control. It brings along an option for an RX9001 WiFi extender or RX8001 serial extender too -- right, just like Philips. The only difference appears to be the choice of UI which of course, can make all the difference in the world. Expect the Marantz RC9001 to ship sometime mid-September for right around $1,000.

[Thanks, Alban A.]

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