Wii Warm Up: Mario Party Hard

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Wii Warm Up: Mario Party Hard
Call us old-school, but it just doesn't seem like Mario Party without damage to controllers or players. Our college dorm was a mausoleum of N64 controllers, their lifeless joysticks rattling limply around in the casing, dooming us to a fate of smaller Smash Bros. matches. However, with the substitution of waggle for rotation, those days of joystick fatigue and court-mandated free thumb gloves may be over.

Being dedicated Wii players, have you managed to find a way to hurt yourself or your Wiimote playing Mario Party 8? Has the combination of Mario Party and projectile Wiimotes caused a deadly nexus of TV destruction and personal injury? Or is your thumb happy now that you've found a new way to Party?

[Thanks for the topic suggestion, Zack!]
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