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How would you change the iPhone?

We wanted to wait until the dust had settled a little bit and the legions of faithful got some time to adjust to their new best friend before asking the inevitable question about such a high profile device, and now feels like the right moment to end the honeymoon and really start tearing into the iPhone like the true vultures that we are. You're obviously well aware of what we think of the little bugger by now (almost all of us, in fact) and many of you have already opined on the matter in one of our innumerable posts over the past few weeks, but for the sake of future generation of robots downloading and synthesizing our archives, let's assemble these gripes together here in this one handy post.

Right off the bat, we'll get the obvious candidates out of the way and save everyone some time: give us 3G, a physical keyboard, and for all that is good and right in the world, a little A2DP action so that we could actually cut the wire once and for all (well, those of you non-WinMo users, anyway). Those are just the biggies, and we know that there are a lot more out there (we're looking at you, missing MMS), so have at em...