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iPhone coverage roundup

iPhone coverage roundup
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|July 4, 2007 1:32 PM
It's Independence Day here in the states, and while for some that means the inner desire to blow up an iPhone has peaked, for others it's a great time to catch up on your reading. We know there's plenty to see with what amounted to the most blown out CE launch in recent memory, but take your time, peruse it at your leisure, we're not going anywhere.

The review
iPhone review (plus bonus: one liners)

iPhone and iPod accessories: what works, what doesn't
Switched On: Comparing Apples and Blackberrys (Part 1)
iPhone doesn't work with most 3rd party headphones
iPhone: pottymouth friendly
The definitive iPhone user interface gallery
We've got iPhones, what do you want to know? (aka the FAQ)
iPhone first hands-on and unboxing
iPhone multi-city lineblog
iPhone facts from the first reviews
How does the iPhone stack up in total cost?
Fake iPhones: a retrospective

HD video: iPhone interface complete walkthrough
HD video: iPhone on-screen effects
iPhone first hands-on video in HD!
Video: interview with Steve Wozniak!

iPhone processor found: 620MHz ARM CPU
iPhone firmware hits the internets -- let the hacking begin!
Teardown reveals iPhone parts cost two bills
iPhone not supported under 64-bit Windows XP or Vista -- oops

DVD Jon whips up a way to activate iPhone without AT&T
iPhone hackers turn up a few vulnerabilities
iPhone firmware hits the internets -- let the hacking begin!

AT&T says iPhone activation is improving
Poll: got iPhone activation problems?
iPhone activations hosed until morning?

More news
iPhone can handle Google Video as well
Teardown reveals iPhone parts cost two bills
Reporter has mic stolen during iPhone interview, recovers ungracefully
iPhone can handle Google Video as well
Helio pits Apple's iPhone against Ocean
The DIY iPhone belt: please don't
iPhone stress test: how did it do?
iPhone splayed for your pleasure
BMW warms up to Apple's iPhone
Happiness is... owning the iPhone
Meanwhile, at the other carriers' stores...
iTunes 7.3 released: pre-req for your iPhone
iPhone accessories unveiled: Bluetooth headset (with dock) is $129
Jobs pulls an Oprah -- $12M in iPhones for all Apple employees
iLoser retains place in line, crisis averted (see also: First iPhone camper smelled at Apple's 5th Ave store)
Apple's iPhone dock includes Bluetooth headset charger -- but is it free?
iPhone ain't even an iPod without service
iPhone syncs with Outlook and Entourage
iPhone rate plans revealed, at-home activation announced

Can Apple meet iPhone demand?
500,000 iPhones sold so far -- but can Apple keep up?
iPhones sold out at a few Apple stores, many AT&T stores
iPhone stock update: go get 'em

T-Mobile announcing German iPhone deal tomorrow?
Microsoft working feverishly on answer to iPhone?
3G iPhone for Europe to be announced Monday?
Apple, Microsoft to push Exchange Direct Push to iPhone?

Smashed iPhone "not so cool looking"
Apple buys iPhone.com for seven figures
Reporter has mic stolen during iPhone interview, recovers ungracefully
First Engadget iPhone returned

Apple iPhone vs HTC Touch vs LG Prada: battle royale
Apple iPhone vs LG Prada: separated at birth? (part 2)
Hands-on with Crystal Film for the iPhone
How many iPhones did Engadget snag?
So, did you get an iPhone?
How far we've come

The crystal Jesusphone
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