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NTT's touchscreen VP2000 videophone

NTT's touchscreen VP2000 videophone
Joshua Topolsky
Joshua Topolsky|July 10, 2007 2:12 PM

Japan's NTT has expanded its videophone service with the introduction of its latest "Flet's Phone", the VP2000. The device -- an update to this model we saw way back in 2004 -- features a 12.1-inch, XGA touchscreen which will allow users to access email, browse the web, get weather and news, write memos, and obviously make voice and video calls. The phone utilizes the Japanese teleco's ADSL service, has a built-in webcam, and includes a USB port as well as RGB and RCA outputs. Additionally, if you happen to be over 60 and really excited about getting one of these puppies in your kitchen, the company is offering a discount for seniors, knocking down the regular price of ¥62,790 (about $513) to ¥57,540 ($470).

[Via Akihabara News]
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