RoboCup 2007: Winners roundup

Amid the oil, chips and gears of the gladiatorial sport of RoboCup, only the toughest, bravest, and those with the longest lasting batteries can emerge victorious. Like all great clashes, whether on the battlefield or on the ballfield, only one man (er, bot) can call him / her / itself a "winner." So who did win in RoboCup 2007? Well, the final standings (as detailed on the Cup's Wiki) don't exactly make for light or even sensible reading, but it appears that the foreboding yet attractive Team Osaka was beat out by Team NimbRo from the University of Freiburg in the Best Humanoid Robot event, the Tribots from the University of Osnabruck took home the middle-size league trophy, and the four-legged winners were the Nothern Bites, hailing from Bowdoin College in the US. For all the stats, you'll want to cozy up to a terminal with a nice, large cup of coffee and some serious hang time.

[Via CNET]