Casamassina teases Halo DS again

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JC Fletcher
July 11th, 2007
Casamassina teases Halo DS again
Remember when IGN's Matt Casamassina said he was going to reveal a DS Halo game? No, the other time. The time when he said we were all going to be owned. Well, it didn't happen-- we'd probably remember if it did, and if we didn't, our search feature would. We don't feel owned.

According to a post on the IGN forums by Mr. Casamassina, the ownage has merely been delayed until after E3. He's already drained pretty much any goodwill Halo fans may have had toward him, so he can afford to take his time. After being jerked around so long, we doubt we can be owned by Halo DS news.
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