Team Xecuter's Hard Drive Xtender replaces PS3 HDD with your own

Rest assured, those looking for a clean solution to add hard drive space to their PlayStation 3 had mixed emotions when pondering the Hyperdrive. Thankfully, Team Xecuter has unveiled a much sleeker (and flexible) alternative with the Hard Drive Xtender; the device actually replaces the internal PS3 hard drive and provides a plug to run externally, where you can then attach your favorite SATA or IDE drive (with optional adapter). Obviously, the biggest boon in this setup is the money you'll save from not having to spend a small fortune on a dense 2.5-inch SATA drive, and considering that the Hyperdrive can reportedly be used in conjunction, the limits of PS3 capacity are now slightly closer to endless. Hackers rejoice, it's yours for a meager £12.99 ($26).

[Thanks, Jaimesh]